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About Us

Blue Grit recognizes, respects, and represents first responders, both for what they’ve sworn to do on the job, but what they do after they clock out.  “Blue" is a nod specifically to law enforcement, but we have equal love for all military, fire, EMS, and any other patriots who love their country and support those who protect and serve it.  "Grit" symbolizes the courage, resolve and strength of character, which all first responders must possess to perform their jobs successfully.  The brand however, is by no means only for first responders.  If you enjoy activewear with patriotic styling check out our products.  Our mission is to provide high quality, unique products that are functional and comfortable, and that meet the needs of everyone, from extreme tactical athletes, to average joes.

On the owner:

Blue Grit is owned and operated by an active city police officer in Upstate New York.  His professional experience includes:  SWAT sniper, Criminal Intelligence, Academy PT Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Patrol Sergeant.  

As a former CrossFit box owner, his inspiration to create Blue Grit largely came from a desire to bring support for first responders and fitness together in a unique and functional apparel line.  

Feel free to contact him directly at contact@blue-grit.com for any enquiries.